Cautious of new energy vehicles

Topic may be a hybrid,Cautious of new energy vehicles Articles this is not around the past, many points of view of the past, now there are changes to the pure electric piece.” Zhu Fushou. “The future of new energy in the pure electric concept of pure electric to the highway to run, we believe that is not realistic, pure electric cars the future more attention to the fixed area inside the passenger cars, the country of nearly 4000000-5000000 rental automobiles, for example, our national hundreds of thousands of public transportation, including government procurement of utility vehicles, including the future relates to the suburbs inside the community inside the small electric vehicles is the development direction, Dongfeng in pure electric piece, these products do research, greater operable to change the battery for electricity and hard to manage, only the mode of the fixed company of shape, can operate for electricity, which is our basic idea, so we on the one hand, products active in several industry studies, another one of our production arrangements also actively promote this thing. ”

Since 2009, new energy vehicles are included in China’s seven major strategic emerging industries, the hot new energy vehicles has been diminished, especially in 2011 peaked. International Auto Show held in Shanghai last year, the Chinese and foreign enterprises on display 86 based on pure electric cars and plug-in hybrid energy vehicles, new energy vehicles, which also reached a boiling point. But then the new energy vehicles seem to be entering a downturn period.

The formation of low tide there are a number of reasons, first of all, there is no market, sporadic sales can not get excited about the first quarter of this year, China sold a total of 1830 of pure electric vehicles, hybrids of 1499, very far away from the bulk. Followed by years of effort did not see the outcome of a blow to the enthusiasm of enterprises, other enterprises such as Dongfeng, has technical preparations for the new energy vehicles for 20 years, but still always ready, you can not mass production. Once again, the unsatisfactory performance of the leading enterprises such as BYD, as the most radical enterprise to promote research and development of new energy vehicles, the overall market performance deteriorating quality problems continue, the complaints continued. The fourth is the new energy vehicles line swing is a hybrid or pure electric, been unable to determine the charge mode is not sure, and so on.

Fortunately, the State Council passed the “energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012 ~ 2020) to determine Lotus Emeya ev the current focus on promoting the pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid automobile industry, popularizing non-plug-in hybrid vehicles to determine the subsidies to “private car”. But experts say that the implementation of the policy process, there are also uncertainties, such as planning or referred to the pure electric and hybrid, various ministries, each of the local focus is still different, the pace is difficult to consistent, so there must be clear rules how to promote .

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During the show, the China Economic Herald reporter on a number of manufacturers, especially domestic manufacturers interviewed executives sum up, first, the history of 100 years of development of the automobile industry, to complete the conversion from fossil fuel vehicles to the new energy vehicles will be a long process, first to raise the level of technology research and development, and enhance the core competitiveness. To treat with a quick profit, even if made of new energy vehicles, in the end only a decoration. New energy vehicles is technically only a breakthrough technology into commercial products, can slowly to the market.